for special needs of Vietnamese

It is expected that the economic relationship between Vietnam and Japan will further be enhanced. Vietnamese students and immigrants are increasing year by year. 
In this situation, we can provide training courses for the special needs of Vietnamese. 

​・Training for Vietnamese government and local government officials in Japan.

​・Training on Japanese society and culture for Vietnamese students to learn in Japan.

​・Training on Japanese society and culture for Vietnamese employee start to work in Japan.

​・Training on Vietnamese law interpreter in Japan.

An Nam Osaka
3-4-7 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka city, 
Osaka 530-0041, Japan
ANNAM map en.PNG
Exit no.3, Minamimorimachi station 
of Osaka Metro
3 minutes walk to the north (shopping arcade) 
Maruaman Sushi 
Turn to the right  (you can see an yellow shop)
An Nam Osaka